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Chapter 3: Galaxy traveling

Figure 7: The speed and the mass of the spaceship
according to the theory of relativity
Figure 8: The speed and the time of the spaceship
according to the theory of relativity

Figure 9
The elapsed time and the speed of the spaceship

Suppose we have completely new revolutionary engines which make long flights with big constant driving force possible in the deep space. Suppose you build a star ship of which total weight "M" is 10,000 tons including cargos to secure space and strength which are enough to travel among stars. As there is not too much influence over the human bodies with acceleration if keeping a constant driving force after increasing a driving force gradually, you can suppose the spaceship is able to emit 30g driving force by the engines. Then, you can rush into the negative-world in about 18.54 days, i.e. in 0.0508 year like [18].



[Year] [18]

The spaceship has mass of 10,000 ton and we try to think of a flight plan of the spaceship which can emit 30g driving force with a 100,000 kW generator. In the time needed to increase only 1c velocity at 30g, you pass about 0.03236 year from [34] (3*10 to the 8 power is the velocity of light).
After you accelerate the spaceship from 0 to kc and decelerate it from kc to 0, you can go for a distance and spend time. The distance is [35]. The time is [36].


[Year] [34]

[Light-year] [35]

[Year] [36]

I seek necessary time to go from the Earth to the Centaurus alpha 4.3 light-years away. Solving [37], then [38] is available.


[c] [38]

You substitute [38] for the [36], and you can get the answer, about 0.78 year. We can go to and return from the Centaurus alpha in 2 years in the spaceship time.
Also, the converse of the Urashima Effect occurs during super lightspeed flights in the negative-world by [3] like figure 8, in the Earth time we can go and return earlier than this.
Then, according to [2], like figure 7, during super lightspeed flight in the negative-world, the mass decreased but I ignored its influence.
With the new engine which can give big constant force, I showed that super lightspeed flights became possible. I built this theory in the direction which gave this possibility and an anxiety from this remains. I think rushing into the negative-world in pimc/2 is sure. But is it possible to return surely from the negative-world? However, I think the return from the negative-world is easier than the rush into the negative-world. Because you can think returning to the world where the gravitation acts on from the world where the repulsion acts on is easier than rushing into the world where the repulsion acts on from the world where the gravitation acts on.
I wish the door to the Era of Space Grand Navigation would be opened when we have more discussions about the negative-world in the future and it becomes theoretically sure that the return from the negative-world is easy.

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