Space, Space Travel and Physics


      I introduce the cosmology and physics of the N dimension space and the space travel by the superluminal flight.

10th March 2012
"Problem of Superluminal Neutrino" is added.





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Contact me : kubotase-engine.org

I explain unclear points about my theories. Please use English or Japanese. B
ut, I don't answer criticism to the theories and refutation to it.
I don't receive HTML e-mails and attachment files from strangers.
I delete them. Please, send text e-mail.
Also, I would like ask Chinese people to send Engilish e-mails.


24th May 2008
I add the latest version of "Road to Star Ocean" and its 'PDF Download'.

6th April 2008
'PDF Download's are added to the pages of "Theory of Worlds" and "Theory of Energy Circulation".

29th September 2007
I make public my paper "Theory of Energy Circulation─Dirac Sea, energy and mass─".

I add "To visitors" to My profile.

22nd May 2007
I make public my paper,
"Theory of Worlds".
Adding the results of the latest physical theories to my theory of the minus world and imaginary numbers,
I developed my theory.
Using my theory, I explain 11 dimensions of M-theory, the history of our space, the nature of antigravity matter.
Here I show the cosmos is n-dimension space.
By this paper, I think that the overview of general structure of our cosmos is made clear.

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